NAB 2024

I was thrilled to be back with Maxon for NAB 2024… this time presenting my work-in-progress on another Pixel Preacher animation for the Book of Daniel.

(Photos courtesy of the awesome @jonjagsnee)

Masters in Motion 2023

Based on the rousing success of my workshops at Camp Mograph (see below), I retooled Quantum Cinematography for extended breakout sessions for the 10th and final installment of Masters in Motion. (RIP MIM)


Camp Mograph 2023

The Mograph dot Com crew invited me to be a part of Camp Mograph 2023 as a workshop leader. Quantum Cinematography : Visual Structure in Mograph is my take on Bruce Block’s concepts from his book The Visual Story and how I apply them in my motion design.


NAB 2023 with MAXON

Maxon invited me to do a live presentation at their booth for the NAB conference in Las Vegas. I went the distance, leaving everything in the ring giving this project breakdown and project overview on the Creed III main on end titles.


Mograph podcast Ep 364

My second appearance on the Mograph dot comp Podcast with Dave and Matt. Good times.


Maxon 3d Motion Show

Maxon invited me to present virtually as part of their 3D and Motion Design Show. In this presentation I took a deep dive into the work that went into creating this animated bumper for The Book of Jonah for Pixel Preacher.


Styleframe Saturdays Podcast

I was guest number 9 on the Styleframes Saturdays Podcast with Caroline Le. Can you guess what we chat about? And, yes, you can listen any day of the week.


Mograph podcast Ep 230

My first appearance on the Mograph Podcast with Dave and Matt! Geeking out on motion design stuff as usual…



Digging Deep into the archives here… The Grind is a talk I gave at Noah Elias’s Reimagine Conference back in 2015. I talk about my journey up until that point and just a few things I learned along the way.


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